Summer Night in December

Location:Das Wirtshaus in der alten Post
Address:Ischlerstraße 66, 5350 Strobl am Wolfgangsee
Status:Open (last checked on 19 December 2019)
Eaten:"ins Land einischaun," three beers (Winter Zwickl)

I don’t want to sound like a disgruntled customer, because I am not one of them. I did not mind, after all, to walk five kilometers back to my hotel in complete darkness. I didn’t especially appreciate having to do that simply because my Brettljause took something like a half an hour to be prepared (so I missed the last bus), but I would have probably done the walk anyway, considering today’s weather, which would have been more appropriate for the first half of June than the second half of December. The Gretas Thumberg of this world would call it a sign of the impending doom, but I continue to call it a bloody pleasant weather.

I am also not planning to bitch about the glass jar of the cow cheese, which sent so much oil towards my poor jeans upon my attempt to open it that I knew straight away that no amount of water would be able to remove it, making me spend the remaining two days at the lake Wolfgang looking as if I had wet myself.

I would not, however, miss the chance to point out that considering the time it took to prepare my Brettljause and the price I paid for it, the dish could have been bigger. A few slices of Speck (two types), cheese (two types), salami (two types) and a “homemade spread” that turned out to be a Liptauer should not take that much work, even when the restaurant is full.

Okay, now I’m complaining, and I really shouldn’t. The village of Strobl by the Lake Wolfgang is impossibly pretty around Christmas, especially on a working day when the crowds stay away, and finding a Brettljause in such circumstances was pure luck. Besides, the number of stars one sees in that area on a clear night like today is simply unbelievable. Fuck the busses, walk there now.

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