An Onionjause

Location:Am Predigtstuhl
Address:Oberwiedenstraße 34, 1170 Wien
Status:Open (last checked on 25 October 2015)
Eaten:Steirische Brettljause, a glass of wine (Welschriesling)

The Brettljause is not part of this Heuriger’s menu, and honestly when it stops being available, I won’t miss it much. The best part of it are thick slices of a salty sausage (Kaminwurzerl, I guess). Apart from that, it had some pretty uninspiring Speck, boring cheese, almost tasteless Schmalz and some herb spread. All decorated with pumpkin seeds, so that the dish could be called Styrian. The most memorable part of this Brettljause was onion, whose taste remained with me for the most of the following day.

Mosquitoes were in abundance and have had a much better meal than me.

Update from 25 October 2015: The menu seems to have the Brettljause permanently now.

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