Hail to Mangaliza

Location:Jupp's Bierstüberl
Address:Hauptstraße 14, 7141 Podersdorf
Status:Open (last checked on 3 March 2019), but the Brettljause is not offered anymore
Eaten:Brettljause, two beers (Gösser or Golser)

This is a place where one would least except to get a good Brettljause or a good anything for that matter. Located on the main street of Podersdorf leading to the bathing beach, it looks like an ice-cream café. However, it turns out that Podersdorf is more than an overcrowded lido on the Neusiedlersee; it’s also a home to rather excellent Mangaliza pigs, some of them owned, killed and cut for the Brettljause by the owners of this restaurant.

For only 7.50 Euro one gets an impressively full piece of wood and a small Obstler, which is quite strong and not at all disgusting. True, there is only a little bit of everything (3-4 slices of each type of meat), but the variety is great. There were at least three types of Speck alone, including a tasty fat-only type. Then there were different hams, salamis, jelly, strange small brown things that probably were grilled pig fat, cold Schweinskarree from the best part of the animal and a super-meaty Verhackertes. There was a bit of boring cheese too, but obviously for decoration only. Other essentials – egg, cucumber and horseradish – were present, too; butter and mustard were missing, but not really required.

Whether or not it was thanks to Mangaliza, the quality of sausages was apparent. Each had a distinct taste, so the dish was not only filling but also interesting to eat. If only the sausage came in bigger pieces instead of slices and there were a couple of other types of cheese, this would have been a perfect Brettljause. As it is, it’s simply highly recommended.

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