Encyclopedia of Sausage

Location:Mostheuriger Familie Lettner
Address:Erla 128, 4303 St. Pantaleon-Erla
Status:Open (last checked on 17 May 2020)
Eaten:Brettljause, Speckjause (thickly cut), 1 mug of Most, 1 mug of Speckbirnmost, 1 glass of Apfelmost

It’s not a terribly big Brettljause, but for less than 5 Euro one has to be an asshole to complain. It’s actually big enough to fully satisfy your lunch needs providing your breakfast consisted of more than a banana, but it still finishes before one reaches the state of complete satiation, inviting to try something else, like a Speckjause (which was a great decision, though it made dinner unnecessary and undesirable).

The Brettljause itself is a wonderful mix of various types of meat – I have counted at least 8-10 kinds and will not even attempt naming them. Some of them are represented by one or two slices and leave you craving for more, but this variety makes the whole dish highly enjoyable. The meat dumpling (Hascheeknödel), which is one of the strangest specialties of Mostviertel actually has very good spicy taste here, and the blood sausage does not taste of blood but is rather pleasantly smoky and salty. There is absolutely nothing industrial about any of the meats; I can easily believe that they all come from the local farmers.

There are also a few slices of cheese present (forgettable) as well as two spreads – a Liptauer and a white creamy one. The spreads are also home-made and do not have a strong taste that would distract from enjoying the sausages. There is no mustard, but the variety and quality of the meat is such that it is not at all missed. The all-important horseradish is fortunately there.

The surrounding area is OK without being beautiful, even at this time of the year, but the food at Lettner alone makes a visit worthwhile. Especially as it turned out there was a railway station nearby and walking all the way from St. Valentin was not necessary. Just beware of the Heuriger’s own evil goose that bites those coming too close to take a picture of him.

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