Panorama of the Alps

Address:Hochkönig Hauptanstieg, 5452
Status:Open (last checked on 12 June 2020)
Eaten:Brettljause, a beer (Kaiser)

#1 Brettljause in 2020The Mitterfeldalm is worth a visit just for the view. During the short walk there from the Arthurhaus (the last stop of the hiking bus), one can enjoy the panorama of a half of Austrian mountains, from Dachstein to Tennengebirge to Schladminger Tauern to Hohe Tauern and so on. On a clear day like today, the Grossglockner is perfectly visible, too, and it’s an incredible sight.

This hut was self-service today, which might still have to do with the coronavirus, but that did not bother a bit, since the queue was non-existent, and I got my beer immediately with the Brettljause following just a few minutes later. And impressive the Jause was, too. Without boring you and myself to death trying to list all the meats and cheeses found on it, I just want to highlight the butter – a huge lump of it that undoubtedly came out of the animal that was mooing behind me during my lunch – and the Bergkäse, which was strong even by Tyrolean standards. For Salzburg, a tasty mountain cheese like this was a great and pleasant surprise.

The bread could be fresher, I guess, and I would have preferred the skin to be removed from the sausages, but that notwithstanding, Mitterfeldalm has provided me with the best Brettljause of this year so far, and one of the best overall experiences ever. They say, it is going to rain heavily for a half of my holidays in the Hochkönig area, but as far as I am concerned, even if I don’t eat any other Brettljause here, I’ll still leave satisfied with what I ate at the Mitterfeldalm today.




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