Cheese, Sausage and Bacon

Location:Jausenstation Feilalm
Address:Feilkopf 1, 6213 Achensee
Status:Open (last checked on 28 June 2021)
Eaten:"Bretteljause," cabbage salad, three beers (Zillertaler)

“Käse, Wurst und Speck” (cheese, sausage and bacon) is how most Brettljausen describe themselves in Tyrol, in small print under the dish’s name. Of course, such a description is open to a broad interpretation. Like, are we talking about a single type of cheese or multiple ones? Is it a Bauchspeck or a Schinkenspeck or both? And – the most philosophical question of all – what exactly is a sausage?

Unfortunately, the Feilalm took the description too literally. There was actually nothing on my wooden plank except mountain cheese (quite tasty even without the herbs spread over it), Speck and a boring sausage we in Vienna call a “Wiener” (but which no doubt has a much fancier Tyrolean name). The most “exciting” thing was to cut the fat off the Speck, because otherwise the first bite into a slice of bread with Speck on it pulled all the fat with it, resulting in a less than a pleasant experience of trying to swallow the hard-to-chew fat bits.

I liked the service, I liked the beer, I liked the cabbage salad, I truly enjoyed the view that one has from the hut over the village of Pertisau and the Achensee behind it, but I did not enjoy the Brettljause a minute. It was too basic, too overpriced and really not very good.




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