The Sense of Responsibility

Address:Bramsaustraße 36, 5324 Faistenau
Status:Open (last checked on 20 January 2023)
Eaten:“Gemischter Jausenteller fein garniert,“ small mixed salad, Eispalatschinken, two 1/2 Faistenauer Gerstl, one 1/2 Dunkles

Having spent two weeks recovering from torn muscle fibers in my leg (by the way, never tear your muscle fibers if you can avoid it, it’s bloody painful), I had very humble plans for today: to work normally until lunch and then travel somewhere where I could find snow. In practice, I almost chopped my finger off in the morning in a silly avocado peeling accident, visited medical service twice in order to stop the bleeding, missed my lunch and managed to reserve a seat in a non-existent train car (thank you, Austrian federal railways). At the end, I landed in a place with more snow than I could have dreamt of. More snow that even the locals found funny.

This snowy place, Faistenau, just a few kilometers from Salzburg, has a brewery called Bramsau-Bräu, which houses a really nice restaurant with an extensive menu. Still hungry because of my skipped lunch, I was determined to order a schnitzel when a turn of a page revealed a Jausen list, containing a mixed plate that was nothing else but a Brettljause.

For a moment I considered going for the schnitzel anyway but then a sudden fear came over me. What if I had another muscle fracture the following day? What if I would accidentally lose a hand while buttering bread at breakfast? What if I had to urgently leave Faistenau as a result of my injuries and not be able to tell you about the Brettljause of Bramsau-Bräu? Do you see what kind of responsibility I feel towards you, my dear readers? And as Google Analytics tell me, you don’t even exist.

As you can figure out from the photo, my sense of responsibility was not rewarded. The “Jausenteller“ contained acceptable Speck, so few slices of a Hauswurst that its taste was undeterminable, a Liptauer spread that was not especially tasty but cold and fresh, and several slices of Schweinsbraten that were cold and anything but fresh. While not tough, they had an unpleasant flavor of something old, like a dusty drawer of a broken desk in a dark, long-uninhabited room. The only thing that saved me from utter disappointment was, surprisingly, cheese. Two different types were included, both of them pleasingly strong. The other thing that helped a lot was the salad that I took in addition. Compared to the mediocre and boring Brettljause, it was very varied and well-presented and gave an impression that the cooks of Bramsau-Bräu knew their stuff and were simply crap at Brettljausen. Indeed, when I returned to the restaurant the following day (with my hand and muscles intact, in case you are wondering), I ordered the schnitzel and enjoyed it totally. Thus, my advice is: if in Faistenau, make sure you visit Bramsau-Bräu but also make sure you stay away from its Brettljause.

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