Heuriger Surprise

Location:Zum Martin Sepp
Address:Cobenzlgasse 34, 1190 Wien
Status:Open (last checked on 18 November 2015)
Eaten:Martinigansl, salad from buffet, some wine

Bad things first: the accordion-player was there and was playing “Falling in love with you.” I have nothing against accordions and nothing against this song (especially Klaus Nomi’s cover), but the combination of the two should be banned.

The good things include, surprisingly, the goose. It is surprising because it was not ordered in advance – we simply walked in and there it was, one of the best geese of the year. “Zum Martin Sepp” is a very tourist-oriented place (which explains the accordion-player), and they must keep a “stock” of pre-cooked geese in case someone feels an urge to eat the animal just before rushing to the airport to catch a flight home. I don’t know how they managed it, but it tasted fresher than some “made on request” geese. The meat was sufficient, tender and easily detachable – the latter being a pleasant change from some previous experiences that required archaeological skills.

The goose came with a standard boring dumpling (some things never change), but with easily the best red cabbage of the season. It had come cinnamon in it and was slightly crunchy, which is unusual. Also included were caramelized chestnuts (not really necessary, but not bad). I also took a salad from the buffet, which was more varied and better-tasting than salads in most other Heurigers. The wine was OK without being brilliant, but the restaurant offers plenty of bottled wines, some of which are certainly very good (the choice is so large that they simply statistically have to be).

Warning – for those who care – at 22 euros this was the most expensive goose so far. Stingy types can save two euros by avoiding the chestnuts.

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