Chancellor’s Goose

Address:Schauflergasse 6, 1010 Wien
Status:Open (last checked on 20 November 2015)

This “noble” Beisl in the first district is said to be frequented by politicians, including the chancellor. Maybe that’s why its men’s toilet features a Deix’s caricature of a few past chancellors but not the current one. No politicians were in sight this time though, perhaps because we ordered the last four pieces of goose.  They looked, however, more like two pieces cut in half. After the last two geese I thought the portions could not possibly get smaller, but I was wrong.

The goose itself turned out to be a mixture of good and bad experiences: tender meat and tasty skin on the one hand and lots of fat and one over-salted side on the other. Then I accidentally bit into a piece full of knucklebones and realized that I had to chew and swallow them, because there was no way to spit them out without looking disgusting. This destroyed the experience completely. The cabbage was fine (though of insufficient quantity), the Knödel boring.

I could not make myself try the beef tartare, the only other dish we ordered. Apparently it was good, but let’s face it: it’s a raw cow. There seem to be some good wines in the menu, and the service was very friendly and efficient. Still, the goose was hardly worth the price.

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