A Textbook Goose

Location:Meixner’s Gastwirtschaft
Address:Buchengasse 64, 1100 Wien
Status:Open (last checked on 18 November 2015)
Eaten:Martinigansl, two beers (Staro Brno), two Marillenschnapps, an espresso

According to the RestaurantTester’s website this was supposed to be the #3 goose in Vienna, and if this is considered any standard, I am not looking forward to #2 and #1.

To put it plainly, Meixner’s goose was a goose cooked according to a book entitled “How to cook a goose,” with no creativity whatsoever. They managed to come up with a properly textured, though a bit dry, meat under a crispy skin, which is fine. They could not come up with a way to prevent the meat from becoming seriously tough once one has eaten all the “easily accessible” bits – fair enough, they are not alone. But couldn’t they make the bird a bit different, even at the expense of it being less perfect according to their cookbook? A bit more fat, for example, or with some unusual spices, for a change?

Even the white cabbage with bacon and the potato dumpling were faultless in the most boring way possible. One can’t criticize tasteless things for having a bad taste, and these were a case in point.

The overall experience was enhanced by better-than-average coffee and Schnapps, counter-weighted by rather unfriendly service. Face the perfectly average rating then, Mr. Meixner.

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