A Mexican in a Skiing Village

Address:Obere Marktstraße 5, 5541 Altenmarkt im Pongau
Status:Open (last checked on 15 September 2023)
Eaten:"BBQ Ribs," mixed salad, three beers (Stiegl)

As I entered Pedros at about 20:30, all the tables inside had a “Reserved” card on them. At the same time, only one of the tables was occupied. To my question “Are you really so booked?” the waiter replied “yes” and after a few seconds of looking around offered me a table for six, having removed the “Reserved” card from it beforehand. As I had expected. A couple of groups arrived a few minutes after me and immediately started drinking with the waiter and the cook, and happily did that, I suspect, till the closing time (22:00).

I had my suspicions about having a Mexican restaurant in a popular skiing village, surrounded by half a dozen of typical Schnitzel-serving establishments. Yet, the spare ribs tasted distinctly non-Austrian. Heavily marinated, they were quite spicy to eat without any sauce. If anything, the white garlic sauce and the red “salsa” mostly served the purpose of reducing the spiciness. The meat, easily removable from the bones, had a consistency of a sausage. In fact, the whole experience reminded me of eating a hot spicy sausage, only with bones in it.

These were very different spare ribs from those I had gotten used to in Vienna, and maybe that’s why I found them so enjoyable. Even the French fries were good, in a greasy and salty way. The restaurant offers a long list of Mexican dishes, and should the fate bring me to Altenmarkt again, I am quite sure I’ll pay it another visit. I just wish it had a garden like almost every other restaurant in the village. In that case I would spend every evening there.

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