For Those Who Are Lazy to Go to BILLA

Location:Tiroler Alm
Address:Auhofstraße 186a/b, 1130 Wien
Status:Open (last checked on 1 September 2015)
Eaten:“Tiroler Jause” (not available any longer), coke

Things don’t get more industrial than this. A sad mix of two types of sliced sausage, Speck, sliced tasteless cheese and a paprika-spiced spread, served with two small bars of butter (still wrapped) and a lonely Pfefferoni. No horseradish or mustard, which is scandalous. The sausages and the cheese were obviously taken from a plastic pack, already sliced. I won’t be surprised if the packs and the spread came from the SPAR supermarket just down the road. Only the Speck had any chance of genuineness, being proudly called in the menu “Tirolerhof Speck.” Maybe it originated from the demo-farm of that name, which is located on the hill above the zoo. But probably it’s just wishful thinking. On a more positive side, the bread was fresh, and the plastic packs must have been opened rather recently, too.

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