The Quaint One

Location:Mostschank Familie Kürner
Address:Sonnleiten 7, 2640 Gloggnitz
Status:Open (last checked on 15 May 2015)
Eaten:“Hausplatte”, two mugs of Most

Here is a real micro, open something like one week per year and therefore visited by the locals and the “people in the know” only. It’s a farm, really, and the setting may be too quaint to be comfortable, at least until one has had a Most or two.

The Brettljause (although not coming on a Brettl) is clearly made out of locally produced stuff, apart from three tiny and looking completely out-of-place Solettis. Unfortunately it was heavy on the things I don’t especially like, such as the blood sausage. The liver spread seemed to scream “I am liver,” and the second spread , which was supposed to be Schmalz, I think, hardly had any taste at all.

The farm appears to specialize on beef products, and at least two types of meat were a cow in their previous life. This is absolutely fine if you prefer beef, but in my pork-biased opinion, these meats did not create a great impression. On the other hand, the pork Geselchtes and the Speck were quite excellent.

The best thing, strangely, was the bread, which came as a huge loaf with a special sharp knife to cut it. Actually, this bread with some butter and one big piece of Speck would have made the experience much more enjoyable. Still, I saw other people eating stuff that was much better looking than mine, so I suppose one simply needs to be one of the locals to get the most out of this Most.




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