Pork and Lavender

Location:Lavendelheuriger-Weinbau Piller
Address:Unterdürnbach 52, 3721 Limberg
Status:Open (last checked on 10 March 2024)
Eaten:"Winzerjause," 1/8 Grüner Veltliner "Classic," 1/8 "Maissauer Bergkristall," ¼ Akazienspritzer, ¼ Lavendelspritzer

As I am writing this, I am still burping Wiener sausage, and it has already been hours since I had a Brettljause at the Lavendelheuriger. Indeed, there are sausages that don’t create any impression while you are eating them but come back to haunt you much later.

Lavendelheuriger is just a few kilometers away from the quite known “Amethyst town” of Maissau (famous for its quartz museum and a few good wine taverns), but you would be very lucky to find any tourists there – and by tourists I mean anyone living father than, well, the above-mentioned Maissau. Only locals are regulars at this Heuriger; everyone seems to know everyone else, and a few waiters prefer to play with their acquaintances’ small kids rather than pay attention to the needs of an “alien” customer. The kids were quite a nuisance, really, unceasingly running past my table and making noise. Fortunately, after about half an hour they left, making the atmosphere much cozier and substantially increasing the quality of the service. 

I cannot say anything bad about the Brettljause, though, to tell the truth, I cannot say much about it at all. The saltier-than-usual and therefore quite enjoyable Geselchtes is one thing I can clearly recall, as is the strange “diet” Verhackertes with no strong taste and some carrots mixed in it. The rest (boring cheese notwithstanding) was fresh and non-industrial but not leaving any lasting impression. Except for the Wiener, of course, which had its revenge in my burps.

If you want a true “local” Heuriger experience or if you like purple (as the tavern’s name says, there is plenty of lavender around), Piller is an interesting place to visit, but don’t expect an amazing Brettljause or even particularly good wines.

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