A Meaty Jause

Location:Heuriger Hauer Christa und Karl
Address:Hauersdorf 114, 3300 Ardagger
Status:Open (last checked on 19 April 2015)
Eaten:„Hauerjause“, two ¼ Baronmost

It is hard to be unbiased when you are eating a second Brettljause within a day. It is damn impossible to be unbiased when you are eating a second Brettljause within an hour. Strangely, the first one did not feel that heavy up to the point that I tried a morsel of the second one. Thus, I am ashamed to admit, I could not finish this Hauerjause; the threat of my stomach’s exploding was just too great. On the other hand, it is a Heuriger that is open only four weekends a year (being better known for its Schnapps production) and one of the two remaining Heurigers of the “Mostbaron” fame that I have not visited yet, so I could not miss this opportunity.

The first impression is that Hauer has been very generous with meats. I have counted at least six types on my plate, and that is not considering the typical (and typically tasteless) meat dumpling of Mostviertel and a liver spread with a very strong liver taste. The meats, in a true Mostviertel’s fashion, were quite dry and salty, but apart from Schweinsbraten and Speck (with a bit too much cartilage to my liking), I would not attempt naming them. Out of the two meatless spreads, the Liptauer was the better one, tasting quite strongly of paprika, while the creamy white one tasted of nothing at all; even the usually pointless cheese had a stronger taste.

I missed the mustard, some industrial butter being a poor substitute, but most of all I missed the strength to finish the dish. Perhaps one of Hauer’s prized Schnappses could have helped, but with the Heuriger being not that far from Amstetten (one hour walk), I will probably visit it again one day.

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Edelbrennerei und Heuriger Hauer

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Edelbrennerei und Heuriger Hauer 48.143024, 14.860984 visited on April 19, 2015Hauersdorf 114, 3300 Stift Ardagger, Austria (Directions)



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