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Location:La Capannina
Address:Località Tratto Spino, Malcesine VR 37018, Italy
Status:Open (last checked on 12 August 2016)
Eaten:“Mixed cold cuts,” Luganega with polenta, a Mass beer, ½ of red wine, an espresso

La Capannina has a perfect location: it’s on the top of the Monte Baldo mountain overlooking the Lake Garda and is just far enough from the cable car to create an impression of a cozy restaurant rather than a quick-and-dirty self-service affair (yes, Bocca di Navene, I am pointing at you). Thanks to that, they allow themselves to charge two Euros for an espresso instead of one. Similarly, they charge two times more for everything else, too.

At 15 Euros, this Brettljause (and for a change it does come on a Brettl) had to be something truly special. Sadly, it is not. All it contains are two types of Speck and a meaty Salami of a pale color, plus a couple of types of cheese with no particular taste. Instead of horseradish, some bland cabbage (or is it a salad?) is served, and for a second I thought it was horseradish, but, alas, no. The pickles come in a tiny plate, and – although quite good – are just enough to add a tiniest bit of variety.

The Speck is admittedly good, but I expected nothing else from the area known for it. Still, this dish is included in the “starters” section of the menu for a good reason. If you are hungry and money is not a problem, take it before trying something else (the Luganega is very tasty but also overpriced like hell). If you don’t feel like eating or spending too much cash, don’t worry, you will not be missing much.

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La Capannina

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La Capannina 45.772208, 10.864964 visited on August 12, 2016Località Tratto Spino, Malcesine VR 37018, Italy (Directions)



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