The Rain Shelter

Address:Gosau 12, A-4824 Gosau
Status:Open (last checked on 19 June 2016)
Eaten:Brettljause, two beers (Zipfer), a coffee

Just three kilometers from the Gosau lake, the Ebenalm, despite all its “urigness,” must be full of braver Japanese tourists on a good day. On a miserable gray and rainy day like today, it only provided a shelter to a big hiking family and yours truly.

Once it became clear that there was no need to communicate with my neighbors (a promptly opened Kindle usually does the trick), the rest of my stay was totally enjoyable, only interrupted by quick glances out of the window, where the rain had absolutely no intention of stopping, but was only getting stronger with each minute.

The Brettljause turned out a mixture of industrial and original, the industrial including a dead plain Dachsteiner cheese (at least the proximity of the Dachstein justifies that fact, if just a little) and a few slices of a Bergsteiger sausage. The good stuff, on the other hand, were the unusually fat and tasty Speck, very dry Schweinsbraten of dark gray color and the Grammelschmalz, which was 75% Grammel and 25% Schmalz.

I guess the Brettljause would have tasted better had I sat outside – and maybe even fresher if the number of customers were higher – but there was something extremely comforting in sitting in the same room with a fireplace (unfortunately too far away to dry my thoroughly drenched shoes and jeans), listening to the sound of bells coming from the cows beyond the hut’s wood log wall, reading a good book (A Darker Side of Magic by V. E. Schwab) and desperately hoping for the rain to end.

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