Escaping the Rain

Location:Eder Hütte
Address:Viehhofen 304, 5752 Viehhofen
Status:Open (last checked on 3 August 2019)
Eaten:"Eder Hütte Jause," two beers (Stiegl)

When I decided to start my holidays two days earlier and stop for a short time in Zell am See before my final destination of Krimml, I checked the weather forecast, of course. Thus, I was totally aware of the risk: for one time, all the weather sites were united in forecasting rain of various level of heaviness.

Still, after a rainy night I woke up to an okay-ish morning and decided to go forward with my plan of taking a cable car up to the ski area of Schmitten. It was not raining at the upper cable car either, although I could hardly see anything because of the dense clouds. So I started walking, moving from hut to hut (of which there are many) and checking their menus for Brettljausen (and not finding any). It was only when I was a few meters away from the Eder Hütte that the first raindrops fell, and it was just a minute after I went inside that the rain started pouring big time.

At that moment I would have been happy to live with a beer and, once the rain is over, continue my search, but then I saw the welcome word “Jause” in the menu and made a quick and not very difficult decision of going for it despite the relatively early hour.

It was a good decision. The Jause looked quite impressive by itself, and the sharp knife sticking out of the wood added quite some authenticity. The number of ingredients impressed, too: apart from thickly cut cheese and a small bowl of cottage cheese, there was Speck, ham, hard and salty sausages in black pepper crust, a few Kaminwurzerl sausages, a kind of cheese-filled salami and a round slice of something brown, which could have been a beef sausage, but lacked any taste. Everything was very nicely arranged on the board, and served with fresh bread, though still-wrapped supermarket butter did spoil the impression a bit.

To be frank, the taste of the ingredients did not surprise. Apart perhaps from the cottage cheese, I could well imagine their taste even before touching them. The cheese, heavily spiced with herbs, provided the strongest flavor; the rest was good but slightly boring. But I cannot complain: the Eder Hütte did save me from getting soaked. Even if just for a couple of hours, until the next rain hit me in the open space and drenched me thoroughly.




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