The Valley of Flies

Location:Krimmler Tauernhaus
Address:Krimmler Achental, 5743 Krimml
Status:Open (last checked on 5 August 2019)
Eaten:"Brettljause Krimmler Tauernhaus," two beers (Ottakringer)

Krimmler Achental is one of the most beautiful places in Austria, but whenever I ate there I always had a fight with the flies, who tried to have a piece of whatever I was eating. One cannot have authentic alpine pastures without cows and pigs, and the flies come with them. However, while in the past I always had my food inside, today the weather was good enough (for a while) to try a Brettljause in the open, and I must say that having the entire width of my table at their disposal, the flies did not always land on my food, which I consider quite a progress.

To be honest, I did not expect much from the Brettljause of the Tauernhaus, that location being the most known in the entire valley, and the final destination of all the hiking buses. What I received did not look like much either: just thick slices of different stuffs. They must have taken the cook half a minute to cut and arrange on the board. It was only when I started eating that I found the Brettljause actually very good.

The fresh butter made a lot of difference. Plentiful enough not to be rationed carefully, it improved every little sandwich I was making using the two types of cheese, Speck, cold Schweinsbraten, an Extrawurst and a Krakauer (which is basically an Extrawurst with some bits darker than the rest). Everything was thickly cut and as a result tasted better, including the Speck, which often creates chewing problems when not thinly sliced, but not in this case.

There are several other Brettljause locations all along the Achental (many are still to be tried and tested), but the most obvious one is not at all bad, even with the flies.

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