The Railway Neighbor

Location:Golser Grammel Boscha
Address:Hofrat Achs Weg 15, 7122 Gols
Status:Open (last checked on 31 July 2021)
Eaten:“Keller Platte,” 1/8 Heideboden, ¼ Muskateller, ¼ Muskat Ottonel

I have been eating so many spare ribs recently that I felt the focus of this website was shifting. To compensate, today I went to Gols in Burgenland, which is not only easily reachable via a straight train from Vienna, but is also home to at least a dozen of potentially good Brettljause places. 

Of all these places, the Boscha is one of the most remote from the center and one of the closest to the railway station. It’s not that distances matter that much in a small village like Gols, but having a clear idea that one more Viertel is not going to make you miss the train back is a nice convenience. 

The description of the dish in the menu was so detailed and impressive that receiving it at the end was almost an anti-climax. The meats – and the Keller Jause is a meat-only offering – looked fresh and attractive on the plate, but I couldn’t help expecting something more. Anyway, once I started eating, all the reservations evaporated, since the meats were of top quality, supported perfectly by the exceptionally fresh bread and quality wine. 

I can only grumble a bit about the skin of the Schweinsbraten, which I found unchewable. Otherwise, the Boscha (and Gols in general) is a perfect Saturday destination if you oversleep and miss your early morning train elsewhere, or if you simply don’t care. 




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