Waiting for a Miracle

Location:Napoleon - Der Bierfreihof
Address:Kagranerplatz 33, 1220 Wien
Status:Open (last checked on 20 November 2015)

Miracles can happen. One day you may go for lunch to a restaurant that is average on the best of the days. You open the menu, knowing that you are going to spend the next five minutes desperately looking for something original. Then you find a goose there. You order it – not out of hunger or curiosity, but simply because you have already tried all the other dishes. And when the goose arrives, you try a little piece half-heartedly, knowing that the disappointment is unavoidable. But then – oh God! – you realize that you have the best goose of the season in front of you. So good it is, in fact, that you consider creating a web site and writing a poem just to praise its qualities.

A miracle may happen one day. It just did not happen today. What happened was a rather tough (though meaty) goose with a tasteless bread dumpling and not-very-hot-at-all red cabbage. It was adequate and even acceptable for the occasion (lunch time, no reservation, etc.), but with no pleasant surprises.


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