Back for a Picture

Address:Freiheitsstrasse 90, 39012 Meran, Italy
Status:Open (last checked on 3 December 2023)
Eaten:"Würzige Spareribs vom Ofen," cheese plate ("Variation vom Südtiroler Käse"), two mugs of Heller Bock beer, two mugs of Sixtus dark beer

Normally I don’t review the same dish in the same restaurant twice, apart from Martinigansl, which can vary a lot from year to year. I will make an exception for Forsterbräu today, because the last time, which was more than nine years ago, I somehow overlooked to take a picture.

Well, now that you can see the picture above, be warned that despite my lack of a photograph’s talent, these spare ribs look much better than they really are. A picture cannot reflect the toughness of the meat, for example, or how hard it was to cut it with the provided knife, which was far more suitable for cutting cheese. Neither can a picture convey the very basic marinade, which was heavy on black pepper but not much else.

In fact, almost everything I wrote back in 2014 still holds, including the ribs’ overly piggy taste. Only the dip has become marginally better, now much spicier and having a honey flavor, though at times resembling a perfume too much. My recommendation is therefore the same as nine years ago: avoid the ribs and order a Schweinshaxe if you are hungry. If not, go for a cheese plate; it’s really not bad. And, of course, enjoy Forst’s excellent beers. The Sixtus is still one of my firm favorites.

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