Poor Choices

Location:Altes Presshaus
Address:Dürnstein 10, 3601 Dürnstein
Status:Open (last checked on 23 October 2015)
Eaten:„Presshausjause,“ two glasses of Riesling

Here is the list of stuff one finds in the Presshausjause: three types of ham, two types of salami, a Blutwurst, some cheese, a paprika spread, some grayish soft sausage (possibly made from sheep), a fresh cucumber, a salty cucumber, green paprika, Pfefferoni, tomato, hard-boiled egg, pumpkin seeds, horseradish, olives. This list looks much more impressive than the dish itself for the simple reason that the above ingredients are provided in minuscule quantities. By “fresh cucumber” I mean one thin slice of it, and the egg is actually one-eighth of an egg.

What’s worse, the sausages looked as if they were taken straight out of plastic. Very industrial, very tasteless and very boring.

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