Amnesia Jause

Location:Maxing Stüberl
Address:Maxingstrasse 7, 1130 Wien
Status:Open (last checked on 25 February 2019)
Eaten:"Pielachtaler Jause," a bottle of some white wine

Oh, crap. I do have to review this one, do I? I’ll be brief. Just look at the score. It is cold and objective.

Because of its location close to Schönbrunn palace, one may think that Maxing Stüberl is some sort of a tourist-oriented wine tavern, existing just to relieve clueless tourists of their last euros in exchange for a glass of cheap wine and a disgusting schnitzel. It might have been such a place at one point in time. Now it’s a weird little well-past-its-prime restaurant where finding something in the menu does not guarantee its availability, and ordering something does not ensure its delivery to your table. Yet you are still going to take the used plates back to the kitchen and leave a tip and feel bad.

By the way it looks, Maxing Stüberl won’t be there in one month’s time. If it ends up being the worst Brettljause place of the year, I’m going to pretend it did not happen.

And if you think this is an attempt to provide cheap publicity, let me make it plain and clear: do not go there.

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