Melons and Berries

Address:Schloßgasse 17, 6065 Thaur
Status:Open (last checked on 1 October 2023)
Eaten:“Romedi Jause,” mixed salad, two beers (Zipfer Märzen), 1/4 Grüner Veltliner

My first attempt to try Romedi’s Brettljause was back in January, when I walked there all the way from Innsbruck (quite a lengthy hike, unexpectedly). I remember it was a warm snowless day, but not warm enough for the restaurant’s garden to be open, so I waited nearly two hours to get a table inside just to find out that the Brettljause was not offered in winter. Even today, when I made the effort of arriving particularly early, the waitress had a moment of hesitation when she heard my order. Fortunately, her colleague confirmed that the “Romedi Jause” was indeed available.

Honestly, the only ingredients that I can call “seasonal” were a slice of melon and some berries. Both made the Brettljause look lighter, more inviting and somehow healthier. The mixed salad that I took to accompany it was an overkill. In all the rest, it was a pretty standard Brettljause in a “Lower Austrian” style, but with a not particularly welcome (for me) Tyrolean Graukäse. It was a bit strange to get two plain white bread rolls instead of the more customary (and apparently healthier) dark bread, especially since one of the ingredients was a really good Grammelschmalz, which simply does not go well with white bread.

All the small deficiencies aside, I was glad I finally made it to Romediwirt. It is a really pleasant location with a great view and picturesque castle ruins nearby. Its menu is short, but from I observed at the other tables, the portions are huge and well-presented. Had I been hungrier, I would have probably regretted not ordering something more “substantial.” On the other hand, the things I finally enjoyed most were the cold beer and the warm sun.




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