Pricey Specialties

Location:Weingut und Buschenschank Repolusk
Address:41, 8462 Glanz an der Weinstraße
Status:Open (last checked on 23 October 2023)
Eaten:“Spezialitätenteller,”, 1/8 Welschriesling, 1/8 Saugvignon Blanc

Four years since I have proclaimed Repolusk the Brettljause of the year, I still think that its name must stand for some kind of a repulsive basilisk. Not that this fact is going to prevent me from visiting it again and again and trying whatever Brettljause it decides to throw at me.

Today it offered me a “specialties plate,” the menu printed in a nice typeface and presented as a framed picture. I don’t recall the exact description (as I was ready to order the dish anyway), but I remember it mentioning “Lardo.”

The thing about Lardo – it being pure pig’s fat – is that it has to be absolutely fantastic to be acceptable. The Lardo of Repolusk was good, very good even, but seriously lacked spices or even salt. Fortunately, Repolusk then more than redeemed itself with a very fat but amazingly tasty Speck. I liked the other ingredients too, including the liver spread, and the extremely strong horseradish managed to get into my nose and make me cry (which is always good). Even more, I appreciated the size of the dish – not too small to make me feel upset about the price (which at 16 euros was quite substantial) but not too big to not being able to finish it, which happens quite often to me these days.

And I must mention that Repolusk is one of the nicest restaurants on the South Styrian Wine Road. The view it offers towards Slovenia alone is worth half of the price of the Brettljause. Besides, the dishes it serves are more exquisite and better presented than you will find in most other Buscheschänken in the area.

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