A Duckish Goose

Location:Plutzer Bräu
Address:Schrankgasse 2, 1070 Wien
Status:Open (last checked on 7 November 2018)
Eaten:Martinigansl, two beers (Weihnachtsbock)

I was probably lucky to get a goose wing this time, after a season dominated by legs. A wing by definition contains less meat by itself, encouraging the cooks to add more from the breast, which is by far the best part. Plutzer’s cook was very generous indeed, and the dead bird part was more than sufficient to quell my appetite.

Taste-wise, the goose was very “down-to-earth” in the sense of not trying to be fancy unnecessarily. A few times I had a doubt of whether I was actually eating a goose or an oversized duck (which was also on the menu), since the taste was somewhat duckish. While the mean was not dry at all, a bit more of the sauce/fat would have been welcome, possibly replacing the rather inappropriate carrots. With all the easily cut meat eaten, quite a few tantalizing bits remained attached to the bone – subjectively, always a good sign for me.

My main criticism is the unbalanced temperature of the primary ingredients. While the cabbage salad was super-hot, the potato dumpling was only slightly warm from the beginning. By the time I was finishing the meal, the meat was lukewarm, the salad was perfectly OK, and the dumpling was absolutely cold.

Perhaps because it was a Sunday, Plutzer Bräu was half-full, comfortably quiet and thoroughly enjoyable. The beer was strong, and the just-opened Christmas market outside not too crowded and annoying. I can happily return there one day.

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