Overproduced Goose

Location:Weinrestaurant Hajszan
Address:Grinzingerstrasse 86, 1190 Wien
Status:Closed (last checked on 1 April 2016)
Eaten:Martinigansl, Bergkäse with bread, some white wine, 0.2 Schnapps

Here is a restaurant that tries to be somewhat fancy, with variable success. The thing that was really great was the bread that they make themselves. The “mountain cheese” that came with it was quite good, too, though not as strong and smelly as I would have liked.

The goose, however, was definitely not cooked on demand (we reserved half an hour before the visit), and it showed. Even the skin had a strange dark color and texture, as if it was pulled over the animal at a later stage. Taste-wise it was OK, but mostly thanks to the sauce and the red cabbage; the meat itself, while of good quality, did not have much taste of its own. The dumpling was made out of bread (which I prefer to potatoes), but was rather plain and slightly burned.

I am not completely sure what went wrong. Perhaps they tried to make a “sophisticated” dish, trying to perfectly match the different ingredients, and failed. Or they simply warmed up the same bird for a bit too long.

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