An Average G

Location:Zum Martin Sepp
Address:Cobenzlgasse 34, 1190 Wien
Status:Open (last checked on 18 November 2015)
Eaten:Martinigansl, a bit of Schweinsbraten, some white wine, 0.2 Marillenschnapps

It’s a highly touristic place, and it was only through good luck that we were saved from annoying musicians (who, quite possibly, would have driven the final rating 1-2 points down). For a tourist wishing to get familiar with the fine Viennese tradition of massacring geese in November, trying the Martin Sepp’s creation would not be a bad idea, for it represents a perfect example of what a perfectly average goose can be.

It’s sufficiently big, with adequately tender meat and passably crispy skin. The red cabbage that comes with it is absolutely edible. The sweet chestnuts are somewhat unusual at first, but have a reassuringly neutral taste. Only the potato dumpling breaks the general mediocrity of the dish by being rather disgusting in a sticky-gluey way.

The wine and the Schnapps were, well, OK. The only real complaint was a really thin juice resulting in a slightly dry meat, but when the goose was 95% eaten, the waiter brought a small jug of a much thicker juice which was probably tastier, but totally useless at that point.

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