A Salty Goose

Address:Aspernstraße 117a, 1220 Wien
Status:Closed (last checked on 1 November 2021)
Eaten:Martinigansl, white wine (Staubiger), two beers (Zwettler)

My previous experiences with Lahodny have been unexceptional: it’s a very Austrian restaurant with a long menu of heavy dishes, all of which tend to taste like the oil they are prepared on. On the other hand, it’s clean, free of drunks (because of the above-average prices probably) and super-conveniently located.

Their goose was somewhat of a surprise, however, in a positive way. Somehow I doubt it’s cooked especially for you, but the number of portions is limited, so if you don’t reserve at least a few hours in advance, you don’t get anything. What this proves is that they don’t store the cooked animal overnight, and this is a very good sign.

The end result is a rather balanced and tasty goose, with crispy skin, plenty of good meat (not dry at all) and quite a good sauce. It’s slightly over salted, but not to the point of inedibility. It’s not a sensation, but there is nothing to prevent me from coming again next year.

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