The Jause of Hearts

Location:Jausenstation Herzerl-Mitzi
Address:Weissenbach 83, 3193 St. Aegyd
Status:Open (last checked on 4 March 2017)
Eaten:Brettljause, small salad, one beer (Murauer Gold), one Most, one Most gespritzt

They do gingerbread here. The type that is heart-shaped and can have any text on it you like (apart from strong swearwords, unless they are in a language they don’t recognize). The elderly woman, who must be the owner of this small snack place, is super-efficient when it comes to writing stuff: it takes her just a few seconds to squeeze some edible paste out of colored plastic bags onto the bread, and her handwriting is impeccable. They also have a dog and at least two cats, one of which was sleeping happily on a bench just opposite of mine.

Their Brettljause is OK. It’s seriously biased towards Schweinsbraten, but the Schweinsbraten were good – grey, dry and not tasting old. The Speck was fine, too, having a slight garlic flavor. Even the cheese was of some half-tasty sort, though most likely supermarket-born. The cold thinly cut Leberkäse with tiny implanted bits of paprika was boring, and the brown shiny spread was just weird: I remember seeing it in a few Mostheurigers of Mostviertel and still cannot say what it’s made of. Jelly is definitely involved, and something not kosher, too, but its strong taste does not identify easily with anything.

If you are desperately looking for a custom heart-shaped gingerbread, a visit to Herzerl-Mitzi will pay off. It’s also a good place to have a snack if you are climbing the Gippel mountain. Otherwise, I did not find the nature inviting enough to have a repeat visit soon. But there are definitely much worse places around.




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