Wine and Toothache

Location:Heuriger zum Pfarrkeller, Weinbau Heinrich
Address:Kellergasse am Eichberg, 3133 Traismauer
Status:Open (last checked on 26 February 2017)
Eaten:“Eichbergerjause,“ a hard-boiled egg, a cabbage salad, two ¼ Grüner Veltliner, ¼ Gemischter Satz, ¼ Neuburger

Thickly-cut Surbraten, Schweinsbraten, Geselchtes and Speck – what else can one’s heart desire? Certainly not a blood sausage (also included), though the bigger-than-average pickled cucumber and plentiful horseradish were quite welcome. Still, ordering a hard-boiled egg and a cabbage salad to spice things up a bit was a good idea, and altogether, the Brettljause and the extras should have normally resulted in a very enjoyable conclusion to a four-hour long hike.

Had I not received two crowns a couple of days before, that is. Thanks to my dentist, instead of a pleasant afternoon with a nice Brettl and quality wine, I ended up with a tortuous toothache that no painkillers could subside up until my reaching Vienna three hour later.

If your teeth are better than mine (which is not difficult), Heinrich earns my hearty recommendation.




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