A Tough Choice

Location:Heuriger Wieninger
Address:Stammersdorferstrasse 78, 1210 Wien
Status:Open (last checked on 17 November 2015)
Eaten:Martinigansl, two glasses of wine (Riesling Nussberg 2011), goose soup, Rahmschmarren

It’s always disappointing when you order a goose three days in advance and then realize you could simply walk in and have exactly the same type of food and service. It’s even more disappointing to read my notes from one year ago and realize that the criticisms have not been addressed at all. In fact, the goose has become worse.

The red cabbage has lost all its spices and turned into a very standard and boring affair. The same unfortunate fate has befallen the bread dumpling, making it almost as tasteless as its potato companion. The goose itself did not change much, remaining tough and not fresh. The skin was crispy, but only due to being warmed up for too long, as proven by half-charred bone and dry, hard to remove meat. The first few bites are OK, but the closer one gets to the bone, the more difficult to detach the meat becomes. At the end one simply gives up. Even the service seems to have deteriorated, with the waiters being neither quick not particularly friendly.

To end somewhat positively, the wine continues to be excellent (and just as expensive), so even if Wieninger has most likely lost all its credibility as a goose place, it’s still worth an occasional visit, especially in summer when the garden is open.




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