Speck You Up

Location:Wochenbrunner Alm
Address:Wochenbrunnweg 44, 6352 Ellmau am Wilden Kaiser
Status:Open (last checked on 6 June 2019)
Eaten:Brettljause, ½ beer, ¼ white wine

Unlike the Jägerhütte (my first Brettljause destination today), Wochenbrunner Alm is situated on the slope of the Wilder Kaiser mountain. The implications of this is that the view is not so spectacular, but the atmosphere is much more rural and relaxing (though the approaching thunderstorm has spoiled the experience a bit).

The good old Tyrolean Speck took most of the board, looking quite formidable at first. The two kinds of cheese, served as two slices each, contained a tasty “Bergkäse” sort, which cheered me up substantially. Two salamis were present, too, as well as two kinds of thin sausages. The thinner of them was heavily spiced and although tasty, did not impress me much. The thicker (and sliced) one, on the other hand, was hard, perfectly salted and thoroughly enjoyable.

It is always a challenge to eat a second Brettljause within the same day, and the prospect of having a dinner at the hotel contributed to my stress, but unexpectedly for myself, I managed to finished everything expect two bread slices and, as a result, butter. The latter was actually regrettable because the butter tasted like something made if not by the restaurant’s owners then by some farmers nearby. However, eating salami with butter but no bread would have been a perversion.

Being a starting point for hikes and therefore easily reachable with a car or a hiking bus, Wochenbrunner Alm is one of the most obvious destinations in the region. Which does not mean you should not try it.




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