A Lakeview Jause

Address:Laim 59, 5340 St. Gilgen
Status:Open (last checked on 29 August 2015)
Eaten:Brettljause, three ¼ Sturm

Take the cable car from St. Gilgen to the top of the Zw֊ölferhorn, and you will be surrounded by Brettljause places. The Sausteigalm, reachable in about 40 minutes from the summit, was chosen because of its impressive panoramic view over the Wolfgangsee. In retrospective, walking five minutes longer to another restaurant called Lärchenhütte would have probably been a better idea, as in addition to the identical view over the lake it might have also offered a better Brettljause.

The Brettljause of the Sausteigalm turned out to be average in a boring, uninspiring way. All the ingredients tasted supermarket’y, and only the fact that supermarkets in the Salzburg area seem to have the better sausages improved things a bit. The Tilsit (Tilsiter) cheese looked especially like something taken out of plastic. The second cheese type, a much tastier Bergkäse added a bit of novelty, but the remaining parts – two kinds of Speck, a Wiener and Grammelschmalz firmly pushed the overall experience into averageness.

Great view, nice big dog, cold Sturm (it’s back, finally!), a so-so Brettljause.

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