Dead Deer Jause

Location:Wildheuriger Kronawetter
Address:Blümelsberg 15, A-3353 Seitenstetten
Status:Open (last checked on 8 October 2015)
Eaten:"Gemischteplatte" (mixed plate), two mugs of pear Most

In the area full of great Brettljause places, Kronawetter differentiates itself by concentrating on game. And the game in this case appears to mean venison. If you are totally against hunting, don’t worry: these deer are fully domesticated. In fact, looking at the hill vis-á-vis one can see plenty of the beasts grazing happily, oblivious of their future as a Brettljause component.

The mixed plate that I took contained five or six types of meat, at least three of which were from venison (ham, salami-like sausage and Leberkäse). There was also a venison pate, containing quite a bit of liver. The pork side was represented by the Schweinsbraten and, possibly, Speck, though judging by its look it could come from a deer, too. In addition, there were a couple of slices of cheese (tasteless) and two rather good, if slightly watery, spreads. To go with the game, the “decoration” part featured some berries on a slice of orange in addition to the salty cucumber, paprika, butter and onions.

All in all, it was a well-balanced and an enjoyable Brettljause at a very nice (though difficult to reach) location with a super-friendly atmosphere. The only problem I had – and it’s really my own problem – is that I don’t like venison too much. There is something wrong in the look and the texture of venison ham, for example, which continuously brings back the question of whether having the same thing from pork would not have been better. Strangely, although the components of a typical Brettljause are generally best sampled separately, in this particular case, my preferred way of eating was piling up lots of different stuff on a piece of bread. The total was more enjoyable than the parts.




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