Three Merlons Jause

Address:St. Josef Strasse 9, Via San Giuseppe 9, 39030 Sexten / Sesto BZ, Italy
Status:Open (last checked on 23 September 2016)
Eaten:“Brotzeitteller,” two beers (Forst), a grappa, an espresso

It’s a strange dish name for a strange location. Even if you choose the right path (which I did not), the Dreizinnenhütte is not easy to reach. On your way there, however, you enjoy some of the best sights South Tyrol has to offer, and once you see the two lakes just below the hut, you fall in love with the place immediately. It’s heaven on Earth, and the Brettljause is not at all as expensive as it could have been.

Although not very clear from the photo, the Brettl includes three or four types of Speck, all of which are featured in abundance and are perfectly good taste-wise. The cheese is tasteless, though, and the Kaminzwürzen are so sparse that I would not even dare calling this dish a Marende.

The hut and the service are, however, much nicer than one would expect them to be at a location like this. There must indeed be a “hidden” route to get there with a car: if not, the Dreizinnenhütte deserves the highest accolades for serving much more sophisticated dishes than one would expect.




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